SwimFin – Warm Gray

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Children love the SwimFin because it’s shape appeals as a fun piece of kit. It also appeals to parents and instructors as it makes learning to swim more of a game than a chore. Tests have proved that learning to swim with SwimFin can reduce the process by up to a third less time.

  •  It Inspires confidence, imagination and play.
  • Ultra Safe – stays in one place, no tipping or slipping.
  • Works across all four swim strokes – multi-stroke functional.
  • Makes the learning to swim process quicker and easier.
  • No restrictive movements and helps maintain a natural swimming position.
  • Used as a training and teaching tool.

Safe for ages 18 months and up and when fit properly, SwimFin will not slip off or tip swimmers forwards or backwards.

SwimFin is worn on the back and expertly weighted to provide support when needed. SwimFin has won many international awards and is endorsed by several swimming governing bodies! So get swimming and feel the magic because all kids love to be the shark!

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