Mucky Mitts Friendly Hand Spray


With no alcohol present in our Mucky Mitts Hand Spray you will have no worries of dry irritated skin. Only the most kind and natural ingredients are used in our products. There are many excellent properties with using Tea Tree oil, some of these are to help fight bacteria and germs to keep little hands safe. All the while fighting germs we aim to keep our skin moisturised and nourished by using soothing aloe vera and ylang ylang.

– Skin friendly hand freshner spray
– Soothing aloe vera, ylang ylang and tea tree oil
– 99% naturally derived ingredients
– No nasty chemicals, alcohol or parabens
– 100% alcohol free product
– pH balanced
– Not tested on animals
– Vegan Friendly

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Easy to use hand spray to make mucky mitts clean and fresh…
We know that little hands get everywhere (large ones too!), so our Mucky Mitts Spray is the perfect thing to keep them feeling fresh and fantastic. And, with a handy clip-pen design it’s perfect for storing in pencil cases, pockets or bags.
One spritz delivers just the right amount, reducing the chances of kids overusing it, while it also just makes it fun to keep busy hands clean. What’s more – we’ve even made it so that you can refill the pen and use it for other things once the spray is finished.
Of course, being a Jackson Reece product, that’s not all. Our Mucky Mitts Spray is 100% alcohol-free so it won’t irritate. We only use natural plant extracts and oils, such as Tea Tree and Aloe Vera, as well as pure filtered water, so it’s perfect for even the most sensitive and delicate skin. Just spray on your hands, rub them together, and you’re good to go!
Not only is our Mucky Mitts Hand Spray fantastically fresh for our little ones little hands but has a on the go clip.