Diapers Midi 5-9kg 56 pcs.


When you choose diapers from Gron Balance, you actively make a caring choice for the benefit of your child and the environment.
Gron Balance diapers is the choice for the environmentally conscious family that says no to allergic substances and yes to good quality. All of Gron Balance diapers are swan marked and declared in collaboration with Asthma Allergy Denmark.
Gron Balance has diapers starting from newborns and throughout all their diaper-period until they no longer need them. We hope that you and your children will have a great experience with these diapers!

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The Nordic Ecolabel is officially recognized by the Danish authorities who carry out independent checks.
When you purchase a Swan-labeled product, it guarantees you that:

• The product is among the least environmentally harmful of its kind
• The quality and functionality is at least the same or even better as other products of this type

Asthma Allergy Denmark
When you choose products with this mark its means:
• There is no perfume and no dyes added
• There is a minimal risk of skin irritation, eczema and allergies