1-2-3 Sip Cup Aqua/Aqua


The 1-2-3 Sip! is the only true training cup which helps a child advance all the way from sipping from a straw to mastering drinking from a real cup. Our Design allows children to practice all the complex movements without opening the valve all the way – it’s like drinking with training wheels. At first a child can sip from the silicone straw which is soft and feels good against gums and teeth. For when the little one is just getting started we even made the cup compatible with our suction foot to avoid major spills. When your child is ready you can easily move on and remove the silicone straw.Now they can practice tilting and drinking from the lid. The non-drip lid and smaller spout helps control the flow until they get the hang of it.

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Both passionate for design and family, Miniware is the creation of husband and wife design duo Adam and Ai Su Bonner.
Upon the birth of their first child in 2013, both parents longed for a better eating solution for their little one, something functional, beautiful, all-natural and eco-friendly. Don’t forget long lasting! They wanted a product that could evolve with their child’s development. Finding the current options in children’s dishware inadequate, together they created Miniware.